Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Freebie

Well today I have another little freebie for know it's not much,but like I said before i'm in the learning stage of making my own elements.So last night I tried my hand at making some jellybeans. All my freebies will be in psp format until I learn how to make them in png.Heres a preview of how they look. lol... don't they look yummy? You can download these from my 4 shared account. I hope you can find some use for them. I have noticed that some people have been having problems with their 4 shared accounts,but so far mine hasn't given me any problems,so i'll just keep my fingers with that said i'm off to enjoy the weekend.I hope you all enjoy your weekend too! Toodles for now :)

Download Jellybeans


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Amazing Artist Award & Scrappin Star Award

WOW!...What a pleasant surprise to find out that I recieved two rewards from Roseanna at DigiScrap Galore.
You can visit her blog Here

Thx Roseanna, I really appreciate them sweetie. As far as I can understand,i'm to pass them on to five other people.I'm thinking i'll pass them on to other's that have none also.I know many of you have already recieved them several times,So I feel it's only fair to do that.I'll pass them along when I get alittle more time on my hands.Right now my boyfriend is laid off from his work,so i'm forced to share my computer well...hopefully it won't be for too long.



Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Been Awhile / Wordart Frebbies

Wow..... it's been awhile since i've did anything in got into my scrapbooking and got carried away..I enjoy doing it so much,especially working with the old pictures that I got from my mom.Looking at them sure bring back alot of great memories,except they also reminded me of how ''old'' i'm!Anyhow that's what i've been up too.Tonight I thought i'd try my hand at creating some wordart.I think they turned out ok,so I thought i'd post them to show you how they turned out,and Also if you like them or could use them for anything,you can download them from my 4 shared.All this is ''new'' to me,so hopefully the links will work.
Wordart One: ''Love ...we know the truth,not only by reason,but by the heart''.


Download wordart-1 Here

Wordart Two : ''Love...warms the soul''.


Download wordart- 2 Here

Wordart Three : ''Love...perfects the imperfects''.


Download wordart-3 Here

As always when your downloading Freebies,it's always nice to leave a thank you :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Tag and My Very first Tutorial

Wanna Be My Valentine?

I wrote this tutorial on Jan.27th/09,
and any resemblance to others online is purely a coincidence.

This Tutorial assumes that your familiar with using Paint Shop Pro.

Materials Needed: Scrapkit of your choice,or the one I used which is called''Sweet Valentine''.
It's a FTU Kit which I got from Scraps Dimensions .You can visit her blog
Mask: WSL_84 by Weescotlass Which you can get
Also you will need a Tube of choice.I used the beautiful artwork of Popeye Wong with general

You can get his tubes from his site HERE"

Ok Let's get started!

Open all your material in psp and put your mask into your mask folder in psp.
Now onto the fun

Go to File and click on new.Make your canvas 600 by 600.Floodfill with white.
Open your Rose frame, edit,copy and paste as new layer onto your white canvas.
Resize the frame 80%.
On frame layer, with your magic wand click inside the frame.Selections Modify expand by 12.
Now open the paper you want to use and resize it 80% then go to edit,copy,and paste as new layer. Then go to selections,invert,then hit delete on your keyboard.
Move paper layer under your frame.Your frame layer should be the first layer in your layers palett now.
Make your frame layer active.Give it a drop shadow of your choice.I used H 2 V 2 Opacity 50 and Blur 5 color Black.
Now open your tube and copy and paste it as a new layer.You may have to resize it to suit your needs,and give it the same drop shadow as frame.
Open the candy box tube and resize 50% edit,copy,and paste as new layer.
Open the rose tube and resize 50% three times,then 80% once and edit,copy,and paste as new layer,and place it on the cover of the candy box.(Refer to mine) Give the candybox a drop shadow aswell.
Now make your white background layer active.
Open another paper of choice,or the one I used,then edit,copy,and paste as new layer.
Then go to layers,Load/Save Mask.Load Mask from disc.Find the WSL_84 mask.
Use the settings sourse luminance checked,Fit to layer checked,and Hide all mask checked.
Click load. Then on your layer palett,click merge group.
Now you can add your name and /or your watermark,copyrights,etc.
Now merge all layers down.
Save your creation as a jpeg file.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tantrum Sraps

Thought i'd let you all know that Tantrum Sraps is giving away all her scraps for FREE.You can get them Here

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Tag

Thought i'd post a new tag that I made.

This is a scrap of a friend of mine.I think it turned out beautiful.

The frame I got at Outlaw by designs.You can visit her site Here

She has some awesome tubes there. So be sure and check out her site :)

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm All Excited

Wow...I'm all excited!! This is my very first time at creating my very own site.
A place where I can post the things that I tags & such.
Who knows! I may even try my hand at writing my very own tutorials someday, and maybe even making my very own scrapkits too!
lol...I'm dreaming now.....But then again dreams do come true sometimes:)
But Seriously.....I would like to be able to contribute something, to all you wonderful scrappers out there that make the scrapkits, and are so generous as to share them.
Your my kind of people :)
So a big Thank you to all of you that donate so much of your time and work into your awesome scrapkits and tubes.I really appreciate them,
and am looking foward to getting to know you all better :)

xx Hugs xx